Learn to play bassoon in Santa Monica

The bassoon is a woodwind instrument in the double reed family that typically plays music written in the bass and tenor clefs, and occasionally the treble. 

The modern bassoon exists in two distinct primary forms, the Buffet system and the Heckel system. Most of the world plays the Heckel system, while the Buffet system is primarily played in France, Belgium, and parts of Latin America.

Because of its warm, dark, reedy timbre, the bassoon is often used to depict sadness or humor in TV and Film scores. 

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Bassoon Instructors in Santa Monica, Ca.


Sumner Arano Bassoon Lessons on Santa Monica, Ca.A native of Long Beach, California, Sumner Arano received her B.A. in Bassoon Performance and Music Education from the University of California, Los Angeles, where she was principal bassoonist with the UCLA Symphony and contrabassoonist with the UCLA Philharmonia, did musical outreach in LA schools through the Gluck Foundation, and graduated magna cum laude.  She went on to earn her Master of Music degree in Bassoon Performance from Carnegie Mellon University, and performed with the CMU Philharmonic at the Kennedy Center in Washinton, DC, and Carnegie Hall in New York City. 

Sumner has performed with artists such as jazz legends Herbie Hancock and Wayne Shorter and Grammy-winning pianist Gloria Cheng.  Her primary bassoon teachers include Nancy Goeres, John Steinmetz, and John Campbell.  In her own teaching, she prioritizes producing a confident, beautiful sound, building a solid technical foundation, making educated musical choices, and developing learning strategies to suit each student.  Sumner is currently a freelance musician and bassoon teacher in the Los Angeles area, and principal bassoonist for the Pacific Opera Project.

 In addition to bassoon, Sumner also teacher Oboe and Clarinet.